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Fishing Adventures with Canim Lake Resort

Canim Lake Resort boasts some of the finest still water fly fishing B.C. has
to offer. Numerous trout filled lakes surround the resort allowing easy
access to remote and spectacular settings. Moose, bear, deer and bald eagles
all co-exist in this beautiful part of the province, but it is the
sensational fishing that gets most of the attention.
The fishing season starts at ice out which usually occurs around the first
of May. At this time of the season the lakes rainbows cruise the shallows
searching for quick and easy food items to bulk up on after the long winter.
Sight casting to cruising fish is a spring time opportunity worth
experiencing. This type of fishing can make the adrenaline rush and leave
the hands trembling.

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As the season progresses and the spring sun warms the lakes, insect hatches
begin and the quality of the fishing increases. Chironomids are the first to
show themselves and the fish are happy to see them. Fish feed on these
insects throughout the season and anglers are always wise to take advantage
of this. Next are the mayflies, which are found in most of the Cariboo
lakes. Nymph fishing during mayfly hatches is exciting and productive. Next
in line are the caddis flies or sedges as they are referred to in B.C. These
little moth-like creatures can turn trout into voracious eating machines.
Finally, the damsel and dragonflies leave their underwater world to fly off
and mate. Though these insects in the nymphal stage are trout food year
round, it is the hatches that create a feeding frenzy that fly anglers
await. Fall is water boatman time. These little water beetles create quite a
stir as they scoot around the lakes laying their eggs. Leeches are also
present in most of the Cariboo lakes and offer trout a valuable food source.
The lakes in the Cariboo vary in elevation, which in turn varies the hatch
time of these insects. As a result, there are always lakes that are fishing
Canim Lake provides the angler with the opportunity of catching one of the
giant lake trout (mackinaw) that are found there. These fish take big plugs
and spoons on the troll and can weigh up to thirty pounds. Gear fisherman
also target the local rainbows trolling gang trolls and wedding bands.

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Utilizing boats, or four-wheel-drive vehicles, hosts Rudy and
Dorothee Gauss have the means to create your fishing trip of a lifetime.

You may choose from a variety of accommodations ranging
from tenting to American plan lake front cabins.  What ever
your choice Canim Lake Resort is a fishing experience that will create
memories to last a lifetime.

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